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Air plane Headaches, how I overcame them

If you are one of the few hundred people among millions who get a headache when the plane takes off and ascends to 35-40,000 feet and get even severe headaches when it starts its descent then you and I are the same. Being a consultant I take from 20-40 flights a year and these headaches were a pain that almost made me decide to drop travelling by plane completely. I tried several combination of things people recommend like nasal sprays, chewing gum, popping your ears and none of them worked for me. I was frustrated because if you have had that pain you know there is nothing more unbearable than the feeling of your brain veins about to burst. For those wondering why it happens, its due to the rapid change in cabin pressure that you cant adjust to. Thankfully right before I gave up something as simple as an ibuprofen(Advil) worked a little and the next flights I took I tried different timings of taking it and figured out the perfect combination. Here is what I found, hopefully it works for you too.

Take an ibuprofen 20 mins before take off and 50 mins before touch down is to happen. This makes it kick in at the perfect time of when the plane starts its ascend and air pressure changes rapidly and when it starts descending. I hope this post finds its way to the right people. Let me know your experiences and solutions and if this worked for you.

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