Destructive and Scripted Database Refresh


I’m often asked a question by customers on what we mean when saying we need a destructive refresh of the database or a scripted one for that matter. So here is a quick explanation.


A destructive refresh is basically make your environment be a copy of Another DB(Master, Prod, etc). In it I would take a backup of for example the Master DB and overwrite the DynamicsAX Trans DB.  Then I’d go in and change the pointers inside AX to point to your server instead of the Master server.


A scripted refresh keeps your pointers and some configurations, things like batch jobs and security, document handling and just copies most of the data from Master, going table by table.  Some tables are excluded in the scripted refresh, depending on what we are restoring.


Time taken: A destructive refresh will take about an hour to do, while a scripted refresh is 3-4 hours.



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