The website that you “SHOULD” start visiting

A million books to read and a million sites to visit but which is the one that you shouldn’t be missing? Everyone has their own recommendation and this is mine.


Reddit is truly the front page of the internet, if you are not getting a look at its front page at least then you sure are missing out on some good knowledge. Why did our Grandparents read news papers? even the ones that didn’t read the whole paper looked at the front page to see what was going on in the world right? Our parents somewhat still do the same but do we? i’m sure the answer is no for many of us. So instead of browsing and looking at your filtered news feed  on facebook go check out the front page of the internet and you just might get to know something amazing.  Bare in mind to make reddit a good place to spend your time on you need to subscribe to subreddits of your interest and unsubscribe to the ones that dont interest you among the default subreddits. Go check it out my favorite sub is  Today I learned

As always, thank me later!


We often get distracted specially when we are online and loose count of the time we spent here and there. What I am going to  recommend here is not something that will magically get you more time in the day, no not at all! but it will help you keep track of it and then reflect upon what you did with those precious 86,400 seconds allotted to you in the day. We all have them equally, the guy who made it to mount Everest and the guy who is sitting on the street hopeless both have the same time if not the same opportunities so use yours well, every second counts!

Be Limitless is a Google chrome extension that does the job of tracking the time you have spent on different sites very well, plus it will show you some good one liners that might refresh your mood, I also enjoy the pictures they have on the background too, so try it and thank me later!

Understanding Inventory Dimensions In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2012 gives us the ability to assign a good level of detail to our inventory.

Following are the 9 inventory dimensions that are available in Ax 2012, you can always customize to add more upon your needs :

  1. Size
  2. Color
  3. Configuration
  4. Site
  5. Warehouse
  6. Location
  7. Pallet ID
  8. Serial number
  9. Batch number

To assign these dimensions easily they have been broken down into three dimension groups which can further have the choice of activating/deactivating any particular dimension for that group. The three groups are:

1. Product Dimension group

By default this group contains the following inventory dimensions

  • Size
  • Color
  • Configuration

Style was added to this client to meet their requirements.

2. Storage Dimension group

By default this group contains the following inventory dimensions

  • Site
  • Warehouse
  • Location
  • Pallet ID

3.  Tracking Dimension group

By default this group contains

  • Batch number
  • Serial number

Inventory profile, Owner, GTD number were all added for this client after customization. I have purposely shown you screen shots that have more than just the default inventory dimensions so it can be clear that inventory dimensions can be customized to add more dimensions as needed.

For any questions, feel free to leave me a comment below.

You want to build your own Company? Product? NOW IS THE TIME TO START!

Yes the time is NOW. period. period. Have you been thinking of that wild idea that came into your mind and has been stuck there, sounds like something must be good about it en? Well you should find it out then.

We all come up with ideas, don’t think you are the only one; but you know who succeeds? The ones that make something of it. Success is not defined by how much money you make out of it or how famous your new revolutionary idea gets. It is defined by you accomplishing the fact that you turned an idea into something real, that’s the first step of success. Trust me or not? You will fail, yes i’m giving it straight to you; you absolutely have to fail because failure is the only option when you want to succeed. The realistic not the ideal ladder goes like fail>fail>fail>fail>fail>SUCCESS!

Don’t believe me yet, well let me tell you I have failed at more ideas than I can count but did I stop trying? no because yes I might be very close. I built Facebook apps; got a lot of visitors but wasn’t able to convert them, built joke websites; again got a good amount of people on them but guess what? Adsense is not a fan of content less websites, built a resume rating network that took off in the African and Asian regions; almost got sued cause a loaded with cash company thought we stole their idea or what; didnt have the cash to battle in court and had to shut it down, no worries onto the next project because each time anything failed it was not I who failed I always succeeded cause I learnt something new and took some valuable experience along the way that will guide me on my next project. Curious if I have stopped after so many failures or not? Well am I preaching you to stop or to keep going? One must keep going and that is what I’m doing.

Dispatch Survey is my current project that i’m really looking forward to mass market. Its a service that lets you utilize your existing social network connections and get some good info about yourself (Personality, Social standing, looks etc ) out of them. Gives you personalized and actionable reports. Its still in beta so don’t kill me if something goes wrong, just fill in a contact form for us and we will be happy to fix our mistakes.

Thank you for reading, have a great day!

How to get more time in a day, my way.

I have heard people say it over and over again, “I don’t have time”. I used to say the same but not anymore. There was a point where I literally did not have time to do the things I wanted to do; 24 hours were just not enough for me in a day and I needed more. Eventually I came up with a solution and was able to over come this and today I shall tell you how.

Before I let you in on my recipe to “make time” it should be clear that this worked for me and it might not work for you or it is not made for you. So what did I do?

Instead of cutting down on other activities or things that I needed to do, I simply cut down 2 hours on my sleep time, instantly gained 2 more hours in the day and it was that simple. Now lets do some math.

2 more hours everyday got me 14 hours extra every week  or shall I say about 2 and a half days extra every month? or you can say another whole month! Yes I now have 13 months in my year.

For some more perspective, in 12 years I will now witness an year more than I would have witnessed before.

I have been doing this for more than an year, I sleep for 5-6 hours which is good enough for me to stay healthy, you might be sleeping less or more because sleep needs are individual, different age groups need different amounts of sleep. Same as any other characteristic that we are born with, the amount of sleep you need to function best may be different than for someone who is of the same gender and age. So if you are unaware of how much sleep you actually need, you might be spending more or less time in it. Test yourself and get to that perfect sleep time.

As always thank me later for all that extra time you earned!

Challenge yourself, You are made for it

Interesting Sports Photgraphy

Image: keithpyt
Biking is also considered to be a challenging sports game aside from it being a past time for others.

We face different challenges throughout our lives,  it can either be an exam, a recent loss or that marketing pitch that you want to go through with flying colors. Each and every challenge you face makes you stronger and more prepared for the next one.

Challenges are healthy not only for our brains but for our body’s too.  Mentally challenging games have proven to increase mental capability, similarly physically more challenging games make us push our body’s to the limit. So if you are facing any type of challenge in your life know that once you are done with it, it would have made you stronger in one way or another. Take it and win it.

If you aren’t facing any challenge right now, here is a fun one for these winter days, try a Scottish shower; it will test you and you might ask yourself why are you even trying it but that is the fun part, you are doing it because you can!

P.s do tell me how it went ;)

Quick and easy way to boost your focus

If you are someone who looses focus again and again. Struggles with doing something consistently; then you are not alone. We all face numerous distractions during work and what it does is decrease our ability to do one thing continuously. You might switch tabs or feel like you need to check your email one more time or that skype message might be something important and you should pause what you are doing and look at it. The fact is all of this will kill the focus that you had just formed and to get back at what you were doing with the same level of concentration will take more than just a few mins.



How I got through this is by using Focus booster. Its a simple and helpful tool that enables you to time yourself and boost your focus. When you need to get something done and cannot afford to get distracted set a time and when you see the time slipping by on focus booster you will somehow see more value in it and letting it slip by wont be easy. Each minute counts!


I also use it daily by setting it to 25 minute sessions of work followed by 5 min breaks, I call this “Power working”. I got more done in 3 to 4 sessions of power work than with my normal 8 hour day trying to work continuously and not loose focus. So try this out and tell me if you saw any improvements and differences in your productivity.  All the best!