The website that you “SHOULD” start visiting

A million books to read and a million sites to visit but which is the one that you shouldn’t be missing? Everyone has their own recommendation and this is mine.


Reddit is truly the front page of the internet, if you are not getting a look at its front page at least then you sure are missing out on some good knowledge. Why did our Grandparents read news papers? even the ones that didn’t read the whole paper looked at the front page to see what was going on in the world right? Our parents somewhat still do the same but do we? i’m sure the answer is no for many of us. So instead of browsing and looking at your filtered news feed  on facebook go check out the front page of the internet and you just might get to know something amazing.  Bare in mind to make reddit a good place to spend your time on you need to subscribe to subreddits of your interest and unsubscribe to the ones that dont interest you among the default subreddits. Go check it out my favorite sub is  Today I learned

As always, thank me later!

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