Why and when to choose Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP?


I was recently in a project management training program along with three senior level SAP consultants and as you can guess we had a heated discussion about Dynamics AX and SAP. Both parties were biased to the technology they were working on but in the end we agreed on something and that something is the answer as to why and when to choose Microsoft Dynamics AX as an ERP for your organization. Before you read ahead about the answer you may want to read one of my other posts where I talk about the 3 Critical Things To Consider When Selecting the Right ERP for Your Business.


According to myself and the three SAP consultants; Dynamics AX is  no doubt the way to go when you are a small to medium sized organization with greater than 500 and less then 5000 employees. When you go larger than this size than you can start to compare SAP and Dynamics and they both give each other a good fight but under this size even the SAP guys secretly think Dynamics is the way to go. There are several reasons as to why this is, you can read some on a few others posts of mine and browse the web for others. I leave finding the reasons up to you. Here is a good start Compare SAP with Microsoft Dynamics

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